Faces in the Crowd - Greg Skemp

Name: Greg Skemp

Employer: City of Janesville      How Long:  2-1/2-years

Title: Engineering Technician

Education: BS in History/ Social Studies Education from UW-Platteville

Special Certifications, Awards, or Honors:  HTCP PCCTEC-I Certification

What about Public Works is exciting to you? What drives you to serve the public?  

I enjoy the daily interaction with City staff, contractors and the public. I serve the public with the hope that I am making a difference in their daily lives. Street and utility improvements go a long way, but sometimes the small things can make a difference as well. It could be as simple as a smile and a wave, or a brief conversation with a resident who lives near a project.

What is the best Public Works innovation you’ve seen in your career?  

The best innovation I’ve seen is the use of horizontal directional drilling to accomplish difficult projects. I have worked on a few projects where it was used, and it was a huge benefit especially when encountering sensitive areas like wetlands, rivers and streams.

What has been the biggest challenge – or – what do you see as the biggest challenge going forward? 

Sometimes the biggest challenge can be educating the public on why we are doing the things we do. Spending their tax monies wisely is a major concern, but we also need to be mindful of our infrastructure needs as well. Sometimes it can be difficult for residents to understand how a project may be benefiting them while they are being inconvenienced by street or driveway closures. Improvement of the communities we live and work in is the ultimate goal.

How do you spend your free time when you’re not serving the public?  

I enjoy spending time with my wife Stacy, children (Bryce – 6 and Mckinley – 3), and our families and friends. I am a WIAA licensed high school football and baseball official and I also enjoy hunting and watching sports (in person and on t.v.).


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