President's Message

Change: Ya Gotta Love it!

As most of us are in high gear with the orange barrel season upon us—ya gotta love it! I hope that this issue finds you busy with many summer activities and that all is going well for you! 

As we move down the road of life and through the seasons, the Chapter does something of the same. We very recently started updating our strategic plan and hope that the process will bring out a stronger and better prepared chapter to meet your needs. It is my intent, while traveling down this road, to get your input because the Chapter includes all of us and your voice is important. Watch for a future e-mail from me on this topic.

The Executive Committee is currently in the process of starting talks with the Wisconsin League of Municipalities on joining forces for a yearly conference with the first joint conference possibly happening in the spring of 2019. Now you’re probably asking yourself: “Why would we want to join forces?” The reason that the Executive Committee is looking onto this is that we offer each other’s membership something different. A joint conference also helps out our vendors, sponsors and our members. There is a lot of work and questions we will need to explore as an organization in order to come up with a definite answer that is right for our association. We will keep you posted on this endeavor.

The Chapter, through the many efforts of the treasurer, recently reinvested some of its finances in order to get a better rate of return on our investments. By doing this, we hope to grow our finances and get a little further ahead. With today’s low interest rates, the interest will not make us rich; nonetheless, it is the correct and responsible way to go.

Speaking of return, I hope that all of you who attended the exciting Spring Conference recently held in Madison will attend the upcoming scholarship fundraiser at the Washington County Golf Course on July 20. What a great networking event this will be! If you can’t make that event and would like to still contribute, please consider sending in a donation.

A couple of additional events, with great networking opportunities coming up are the Winter Maintenance Supervisor Training, the 28th Annual Snow Plow Roadeo, and the Fall Conference in Wausau. Watch for details.

Talk about change! We are changing, changing every day, and it’s going to keep happening. Pretty soon the orange barrel season will be over and we will wonder where the time went. Until next time as, Buzz Lightyear would say, “To infinity and beyond!”

Jim Hessling
APWA WI Chapter President 2017


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