President's Message

Welcome to a New Year!

I am excited to be the President of your Wisconsin Chapter. Let me introduce myself. I graduated from UW-Platteville with a civil engineering degree in May of 1984. I honestly cannot believe that was nearly 35 years ago. Within a couple weeks of graduation, I started my career with the City of Milwaukee in what is now called Environmental Engineering (it was called Sewer Engineering back then.) I now manage the City’s pavement program (streets and alleys). Milwaukee assesses a portion of the costs of sidewalk, driveway and alley replacement to the adjacent property owners and I manage that portion of the process which includes the public hearing and ultimately sending out the bills.

I checked the National APWA website and see that I became a member in 2005. I began my involvement  as a member of the Transportation committee, then the chair and then moved up in positions on the Board of Directors. I was curious to see how many female presidents we have had and was happy to see that I am the second – Sandy Westbrock (City of Milwaukee) was the pioneer in 2001.

I believe the strongest aspect of our chapter is the spring and fall conferences. Even before the continuing education credits were required to maintain the Professional Engineers license, I always attended the sessions and learned about topics that I was not exposed to at work.

The chapter is here to meet your needs and expectations as an organization. Please plan on participating in the February Ice fishing opportunity on February 14-15, 2019. Last year was my first time ice fishing – my line is “they have fish at Pick ‘n Save” and I had a fun time. The spring conference will be in Oshkosh in May, we will have a golf outing in July, the Roadeo in September and finally the fall conference in November.

I know all of our members have cool projects that you would like to talk about at a conference. We want your input. See the website: to forward your ideas to the program chairperson for the conference.

I welcome your ideas and feedback on how to make our chapter even better in 2019!

Now for the lesson on how to pronounce my last name: turn on your Polish accent – the “Dz” is a soft “J” sound, the “w” is a “v” – Jev-ion-kuski – see, easy!! Mary D. is just as good.

Wishes for joy, health and happiness to all for 2019!

Mary Dziewiontoski
APWA-WI Chapter President 2019


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