Water Resources

The 2016-2018 Water Resources Committee Chair is Bill Frisbee of the City of Beloit, WI.

The Water Resources Committee routinely meets during the spring and fall conferences each year. From time to time, they also hold teleconference based meetings.

November 1, 2018 Meeting Minutes

Mission Statement: The mission of the Water Resources Committee is to provide education and information that will raise awareness and promote environmentally conscious and cost effective management and improvement of water resources throughout the State of Wisconsin. 

Committee Objectives and Goals: The Water Resources Committee is actively engaged in the following:
  • Maintaining a statewide database of Stormwater Utility fees and credit policies,
  • Keeping municipalities and their consultants informed on stormwater best practices, and
  • Tracking legislation that affects stormwater permitees throughout the state.

The documents below include presentation files from past conferences.  

APWA also maintains a listing of storm water utilities established in the State of Wisconsin, including the population served, ERU size where applicable and annual cost for a typical single family home. It was last updated 5/6/2018 and is available HERE.

Past APWA conference water resource presentations are accessible below or through these links:

    Total Member : 30
  • Mr. James A. Bachhuber
  • Mr. Robert J. Bartelt
  • Mr. Justin R. Berrens
  • Ms. Shelly Billingsley, MBA, PE
  • Mr. Charles G. Boehm
  • Mrs. Caroline Burger, PE
  • Mr. Robert W. Carr, CSM, ENV SP, PE
  • Mr. Rick Eilertson, P.E.
  • Mr. John B. Ferris, PE
  • Mr. John R. Genskow, PE
  • Mr. William A. Frisbee, MPA, PE
  • Mr. Robert D. Givens
  • Mr. Matthew R. Heckenlaible, PE, RLS
  • Ms. Kelly S. Mattfield, PE
  • Mr. Jeff M. Mazanec, PE
  • Mr. Charles E. Nahn, III
  • Mr. Thomas R. Sear
  • Mr. Joseph M. Terry, PE
  • Mr. John J. Tierney, III, CFM, PE
  • Mr. Ryan P. Van Camp, CFM, CPESC, PE
  • Mr. Randolph M. Videkovich, PE PH D WRE
  • Ms. Linda Severson
  • Mr. Jaren Hiller, PE
  • Ms. Carla Fischer
  • Jake Brunoehler, PE
  • Timothy G. Whittaker, CSM
  • Mr. John W. Sundelius
  • John Neumeier
  • Susan Novak
  • Steven Parse
TMDLs and Phosphorus Compliance (2).pdf TMDLs and Phosphorus Compliance (2).pdf
MS4 Public Education Activities Session - Fall 2017.pdf MS4 Public Education Activities Session - Fall 2017.pdf
WR Minutes 2018_11_07_Final.pdf WR Minutes 2018_11_07_Final.pdf
SUMatrix 2018 05 02.pdf SUMatrix 2018 05 02.pdf
Brown Bag Lunch Presentation - SW Utilities in WI.pdf Brown Bag Lunch Presentation - SW Utilities in WI.pdf
Western_Kentucky_University_Stormwater_Utility_Survey_2018.pdf Western_Kentucky_University_Stormwater_Utility_Survey_2018.pdf
APWA Fall 2018 Lacy Presentation 2018-11-01 2 per page.pdf APWA Fall 2018 Lacy Presentation 2018-11-01 2 per page.pdf

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