Emergency Management

The Emergency Management Committee chair is Rob Phillips (2021) from the City of Madison.

The Emergency Management Committee has worked on a number of critical issues and developed several resource documents in support of committee initiatives over many years. Some information from those past efforts is accessible below.

CRITICAL TOPIC: Mutual Assistance Agreement
(Note - this was posted in 2016) For the last two years the Wisconsin APWA Emergency Management Committee has been working on a Mutual Assistance Agreement with the Wisconsin Department of Military Affairs. At the end of 2014 Governor Walker signed the agreement and the State of Wisconsin now has a “Statewide Mutual Assistance Agreement.” I have attached the agreement, and the statutory authority for your review, it should be noted that this agreement does not supersede any agreement that you might have, it can only complement it. 

The Wisconsin chapter for Emergency Management Committee is now looking for a representative from the six emergency management regions to communicate with the other public works in there area about the agreement. It is our goal to have the six individuals assigned and informed on the agreement by the end of April. 

Key documents supporting the mutual assistance agreement have recently been published and are available below or through these links:

 (April 24, 2011 Version)

Memo for Mutual Aid to APWA Members

Should you have any questions, please feel free to call any of us on the committee. 

The following municipalities have signed the PUBLIC WORKS MUTUAL ASSISTANCE AGREEMENT. 

  • City of Cedarburg
  • City of Waupaca
  • City of Beloit
  • Town of Fulton
  • Village of Oakfield
  • City of Platteville
  • Village of Bristol
  • City of Columbus
  • Village of Rochester

 If your municipality does adopt the agreement, please forward two copies to:

Randi Wind Milsap
General Counsel WI Dept. of Military Affairs
2400 Wright Street
Madison WI 53704

If you want to list your mutual aid group on the Wisconsin Chapters APWA’s emergency management page so other municipalities can find you send an email to the emergency management committee chair. Please include a list of municipalities currently in your group as well as a contact person.  Existing mutual aid groups include:

Western Racine County – Contact James Bergles, Burlington, WI jbergles@burlington-wi.com (262)539-3770: Town of Burlington, Town of Waterford, Town of Norway, Town of Dover, City of Burlington, Village of Union Grove, Village of Waterford, and Village of Rochester.

Madison Area Municipalities Mutual Aid Group – Contact Jim Hessling, Assistant Director, Village of McFarland, WI jim.hessling@mcfarland.wi.us (608) 838-7287: Village of Belleville, Village of Cambridge, Village of Cottage Grove, Village of Oregon, Village of Waunakee, Village of Mount Horeb, Village of DeForest, Village of McFarland, City of Stoughton City of Fitchburg, City of Sun Prairie, City of Middleton, Town of Rutland, Town of Windsor and City of Verona.

    Total Member : 8
  • Mr. Jeffrey J. Bodoh, PE
  • Mr. Paul DeVries
  • Mr. Daniel P. Jensen
  • Mr. Michael Jospeh Maloney, PE
  • Mr. Dean A. Schiller
  • Mr. Bruce Slagoski
  • Ms. Christine M. Walsh
  • Mr. Robert F. Phillips
Public Works Statutory Authority(2).pdf Public Works Statutory Authority(2).pdf
Memo for Mutual Aid to APWA Members(2).pdf Memo for Mutual Aid to APWA Members(2).pdf
WIPWMAS Operations Plan 20110424(2).pdf WIPWMAS Operations Plan 20110424(2).pdf
Mutual aid agreement with proposed edits 3-16-13.pdf Mutual aid agreement with proposed edits 3-16-13.pdf

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