WI Emergency Management Survey Request

Bruce Slagoski has forwarded this request to the Wisconsin Chapter and encourategs you to complete the survey as requested by Wisconsin Emergency Management. Please contact Bruce with any questions at (608) 364-2929, Ext. 7008 or by email at SlagoskiB@beloitwi.gov.

Good afternoon,  

Wisconsin Emergency Management (WEM) is respectfully requesting your agency’s participation in a Hazardous Materials (HAZMAT) Response Capability Survey. This survey was prepared as a comprehensive effort to gather information to identify and evaluate preparedness of first responder agencies in terms of training levels, response capabilities, and available resources for mitigation of a HAZMAT incident. It will be used as an operational baseline from which our HAZMAT risks can be assessed, managed, and mitigated. 

You will note contact information for a third party below as WEM has been working closely with TriMedia Environmental & Engineering Services (TriMedia) out of Superior, Wisconsin to develop and launch this electronic survey on our behalf.  Please respond to questions as honestly and completely as possible.  You are not being judged on your responses. This is an important step to determine where gaps exist in an effort to improve HAZMAT response in the State of Wisconsin.

This survey is being distributed to fire departments, EMS, law enforcement, and public works agencies throughout Wisconsin.  You are receiving this survey because you were listed as an agency contact. This survey should be completed by someone at your agency who has knowledge of the agency’s HAZMAT training and equipment. If you are not the appropriate contact, please feel free to forward the survey to someone in your agency who will be able to complete it.

To launch the HAZMAT Response Capability Survey please use the following link (you will have an option to save the survey and return to it if you find you don’t have enough time to complete in one sitting):


Once you launch survey, you will first select your agency’s county or tribal jurisdiction for the drop-down menu. Next you will automatically be transferred to a page allowing you to further select the agency within your jurisdiction (or select not listed).  You will then verify, revise, or add your contact information, mailing address, lead contact, and secondary contact before launching into a series of questions. 

Do not hesitate to contact one of the following individuals if you have questions regarding the completion of this survey:

  • Questions regarding the reason for completion of the HAZMAT survey should be directed to  Greg Engle (Wisconsin Emergency Management) at (608) 242-3203 or Greg.Engle@wisconsin.gov
  • Questions related to understanding the HAZMAT survey questions should be directed to TriMedia’s Superior Office at (715) 718-2630 or jtresedder@trimediaee.com
  • Questions related to computer/technical issues during completion of the HAZMAT survey should be directed to: Chris Wentzloff (TriMedia) at (269) 789-9575 or techassist@trimediaee.com

Thank you for your time and participation in this important evaluation process.  Please have your survey completed by Tuesday, October 17, 2017.

Greg Engle

Director, Bureau of Planning and Preparedness
Wisconsin Emergency Management
P.O. Box 7865
2400 Wright Street
Madison, WI 53707-7865
Office: (608) 242-3203
Mobile: (608) 513-5091


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