Keeping Safe in Your Community!

With all of the ongoing protests and turmoil that we all observe in the media, Bruce Slagoski, Chair of the Emergency Management Committee thought it would be a good time to present to the membership some tips on keeping safe along with providing another “set of eyes” for events that could affect our communities and departments. 

Please take a moment and check this out - thanks for your time and STAY SAFE!

Jim Hessling, President
APWA WI Chapter

Public Works top priority for our employees has always been safety. With what has been happening across the nation we need to be even more vigilant in our training and update what we are training. Our staff can be out on the street, in a park or in the office exposed to different hazards on a daily basis. In today’s world, we have to make them aware of demonstrations, home grown terrorists, and people that just don’t have any value of human life.

We need to train our staff, both that are out in the field, as well as in the office for what they could be confronted with. The Emergency Management Committee, Wisconsin Emergency Management as well as the Department of Homeland Security highly recommend that you train staff for just such an event. As a minimal, we suggest you train your staff with the videos “Run- Hide- Fight/Active Shooter,” “See Something, Say Something.” 

Another great training suggested by the Fusion Center of Wisconsin* is the Suspicious Activity Reporting (SAR) through the Nationwide SAR Initiative (NSI). This is an on-line class and to verify the training, students are tested and upon successful completion receive a certificate. When logging into the web site click on the Emergency Management video. Through this training you will better understand what to report and to whom. It is much like the “See Something Say Something” training, but more in depth, and provides students a better understanding. We recommend that supervisors as a minimum take this class.

You can also obtain training from your local Emergency Manager Director, or your community’s local Police trainer. The following videos are linked below and the last one is a great one for Management.

Videos that may be helpful:

This following video is great for management:

* A Fusion Center is a center that typically provides information sharing and analysis for an entire state. These centers are the highest priority for the allocation of available federal resources, including the deployment of personnel and connectivity with federal data systems.

Bruce Slagoski, Chair
APWA Wisconsin Chapter Emergency Management Committee


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