Executive Committee

The Wisconsin Chapter is led by members elected to positions of leadership that together form the Executive Committee as defined in the Chapter Bylaws. The Executive Committee meets monthly, mixing in-person meetings with others that are facilitated by web conferencing technology. Many of the meetings also include the current technical and standing committee chairs, who provide committee leadership and input to the Executive Committee. Only Executive Committee members are authorized to vote on executive committee matters.

The 2017 Executive Committee members are:

  • Jim Hessling, President
  • Scott Solverson, President-Elect
  • Mary Dziewiontkoski, Vice President
  • Bob Givens, Director
  • Scott Brandmeier, Director
  • Eric Dundee, Secretary
  • Lee Igl, Treasurer
  • ┬áRyan Amtmann, Past President
  • Mike Dailey, Council of Chapter Delegates (Primary)
  • Paul Woodard, Council of Chapter Delegates (Alternate)

Note that contact information for Executive Committee members can be found by clicking their names as listed to the right of this page.

    Total Member : 10
  • Mr. James R. Hessling
  • Mr. Scott C. Solverson, AVS, PE
  • Ms. Mary L. Dziewiontkoski
  • Mr. Scott J. Brandmeier, PE
  • Mr. Eric L. Dundee, PE
  • Mr. Lee Igl
  • Mr. Robert D. Givens
  • Mr. Ryan Amtmann, PE
  • Mr. Michael R. Dailey, PE
  • Mr. Paul Q. Woodard, PE

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